• MalikTH

    Hello! I've already posted on Anty's talk page about this, but I'd like to also gather some public approval (or disapproval) on this subject.

    I have recently started a wiki that would house all of the information pertaining to the Explorers games (specifically, Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky). If you would like to see it and its progress so far, click here.

    Evidently, it's far from finished, but nonetheless, I'd like to partner PMD Explorers Wiki with this wiki.

    My long term goal is to have a wiki for every game; so, one for the Rescue Team games, one for the Explorers games, one for Gates (if people agree lol), and one for PSMD. We could even have a fanon wiki if it gets big enough. I'm sure we can make it happen, but I need public appr…

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    I am here

    August 29, 2016 by PPpPPPPPP12

    Hello guys I just decided to join this wikia. I have already created like 10 pages hope you like them.

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  • AntyMew

    PMDRB Adoption

    April 9, 2015 by AntyMew

    Sup! I figured I'd leave this post here for any admins or new active editors that might show up soon.

    ...Unfortunately the odds of either happening seems pretty low. As of writing the last admin to edit anything here was User:Swiftblizzard, on April 19, 2014. Since I am currently the only active editor, and also because I have made more edits than all of the current admins combined, I have decided to request adoption of this wikia as soon as I become eligible (4 days from now).

    As it is, PMD Red and Blue wiki is not in great shape. Some pages are written as if they were ehow guides, the wordmark and background were clearly made in MS Paint, and most importantly, tons and tons of content is missing. But between my Blue Rescue Team ROM and RAM…

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  • Otonashiharuna

    Minna~! Please join the wiki~! We need more members! More members can make the wiki grow! Please help us!

    If you have any problems, please inform me, SwiftBlizzard, Tsuchiya-kun and Fubuki風吹!

    Minna! Let's make the wiki grow!

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  • Otonashiharuna

    I will tell you about this story too~ XD

    The shocking climax of the Yellow story! Yellow's deepest secret is finally revealed, but there is no time to waste, as he must still battle Lance's dragon-type Pokemon! However, can he stand up to Lance's invincible Pokemon force with a borrowed Mewtwo and his own low-level Pokemon friends?

    Yellow : A trainer with the unusual ability to sense the feelings of Pokemon, Yellow is on a journey with Pika to find Red.

    Green : Red's rival! She is to do battle with Agatha.

    Blue : Blue is Red's greatest rival and Yellow's trainer.

    Red : Red went missing after his battle with Bruno, but returns to fight when his friends are in trouble!

    The Elite Four : Four People, that are Lance, Agatha, Bruno and Lorelei. Powerf…

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  • Otonashiharuna

    Minna~ have you read this comic before? I will tell you all about it~ XD

    Chiris finally meets Suicune at the Tin Tower! Will she be able to stop this legendary Pokemon from escaping again? While Falkner has the fortune of battling battle both Raikou and Entei, the remaining two legendary Pokemon,Lt.Surge continues on his lone crusade, investigate the recent activities of the newly revived Team Rocket. He meets the masked man and finds some of Gold's belongings by chance. When he finally finds Gold and Silver...will it be too late...?!

    Chris: The Capture Pro who is helping Professor Oak collect data for the new Pokedex!!

    Suicune: One of the legendary Pokemon that awoke from the Burned Tower. what's his motive for challenging the gym leaders...…

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  • Otonashiharuna

    My Quiz! XD

    February 27, 2013 by Otonashiharuna

    1. What can Eevee evolved into? Write out the names.

    2. What type of Pokemon is Lugia?

    3. There were three Legendary Pokemon that protect towers in a.....region.Please write out the names..

    4. What gender is Latios and Latias?

    5. There were Pokemon that was in this group. Please finish it...Moltres,___________,___________.

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  • Otonashiharuna

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue Wiki Rules are done by me, Otonashiharuna, and the wiki founder, Swiftblizzard. I hope you guys can obey the rules to help the wiki grow!

    • Don't add useless catergories for badges. If this always happens, I'll have to do something...
    • Make sure the photos has a quality high enough, not too blurry. Their sizes mustn't be too big, either.

    • Don't modify the badges. Adding badges is okay, but don't change the current badges, please.
    • Ask me before changing the theme, if you wanted to change it.
    • No need to ask me before changing the main page.

    More is to come. --~Swiftblizzard~ 15:24, February 13, 2013 (UTC)

    Hope you guys can find some new things~ OtonashiHaruna 春奈 音無 Tan Jun Ting 陈君婷 Ou no Tsurugi 

    12:25, February 27, 20…

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  • Otonashiharuna

    About me!

    February 12, 2013 by Otonashiharuna

    Konnichiwa minna! I am Tan Jun Ting, you can call me Haruna, Otonashi , my real name (Tan Jun Ting) or whatever! I live in Sandakan at Sabah,Malaysia! My friends on this wiki Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue Wiki are SwiftBlizzard , Raimei Astatos and Tsuchiya-Kun! Swift is the founder of this wiki either Tsuchiya is the admin of this wiki! I can speak Mandarin, Malay, English ( of course!) and Japanese!

    My Favourite Pokemon is Shaymin in sky form! It is very cute!!! My another favourite Pokemon is Giratina. It's name make me felt like a king or a queen.....Another is Arceus, a powerful Pokemon! I think it can controls the time....!!( Is it cool!?)

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  • Otonashiharuna


    February 11, 2013 by Otonashiharuna

    Pokemon is a type of Monster that was also known as pocket monster. It have many types such as water, grass, fire, physchic, dark and more! Some Pokemon have their emotions, some times they are happy, some times sad , surprised, angry , jealous....and gone crazy (maybe have things like this!)

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  • Otonashiharuna

    My Adventure

    February 11, 2013 by Otonashiharuna

    About my adventure in the mystery dungeon explorer, my partner was Charmander and I am a Piplup! We were going to find out if my partner is a human or not because he always cause dizziness! Our journey begins at the guild, I was taking out a fragment when two sneaky Pokemon comes to stole it! I and Charmander begins our journey in a dark cave.

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  • Swiftblizzard


    Welcome to this Wiki about PMD R/B! This is Swiftblizzard~

    So this is the first day of the wiki's opening...Please help by correcting my grammartical mistakes!

    ...And of course, I will love it if you want to be a admin - more help is always needed!

    --Swiftblizzard~Let the blizzard continue to blow~ 13:26, December 14, 2012 (UTC)

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