Storage introduction

Partner introducing the storage.

Kangaskhan Storage (ガルーラおばちゃんのそうこ Aunt Garura's Storage) is a shop in the Pokemon Square. It is run by Kangaskhan.


It is in the south-west of Pokemon Square, below the Kecleon Shop.

A player can store at most 999 of each item. Items that were stored in Kangaskhan Storage won't be lost if the player was defeated in a dungeon.

If the player recieves a reward after completing a mission, and he/she already have 20 items in the toolbox, the reward is automatically sent to the storage. However, if there are already 999 of that item in the storage, a player will be asked to trash a toolbox item or the reward.

In the Relay Points in front of Mt. Blaze, Frosty Forest and Mt. Freeze when the player is a fugitive, the Kangaskhan Rock allows the player to store or withdraw items from the Kangaskhan Storage.