Makuhita Dojo (マクノシタくんれんじょ Makunoshita Training Center) is a place in the Pokemon World. It is to the south of Pokemon Square. Makuhita runs the dojo.

Makuhita Dojo

The Makuhita Dojo


The dojo was opened because a group of Pokémon gathered and offered to help rescue teams, since the number of rescue teams are increasing rapidly due to natural disasters happening more and more often.


When the player talks to Makuhita, who is standing outside of the dojo, or walk directly into the dojo, selecting ‘Go train’ will bring up a list of mazes, each filled with Pokémon of a specific type.


There are 6 mazes at first, and as the game processes, 15 more mazes opens up. They are:

If one was defeated in any maze, money or items won’t be lost. Also, there won’t be any items found in the dungeons. Clearing a maze won't be counted as a day.