Rescue Team Base is where the Rescue Team Leader sleeps. it is made the main base for your Rescue Team after you and your Partner Pokemon save Caterpie. later on, you and several of your friends work together to renovate the base, with the help of three Mankey. the base is renovated to be that of your Starter Pokemon's head.


When the player walks onto the bed near the end of the base, the player can save the game.

There is a mailbox outside the team base. Mail and News are delivered into the mailbox if there is still space left.


Outside the base there is also a flag. Before the renovation of the base, it is plainly a ribbon tied onto the pole. After renovation, the flag turns into a different pattern depending on which species the player is.

After clearing the mission in Howling Forest, talk to the Smergle in Sky Blue Plains. It can change the pattern on the flag.


The figures of Weavile, Bonsly, Lucario and Mime Jr. are obtained with different methods, and are all put next to the team base when obtained.



It originally only have 5 variations, depending on which species the player Pokemon is.



Gallery of Full-Developed Bases


Designed after the species the player Pokémon is.

  • for Mudkip after renovation
  • for Treecko after renovation
  • for Cubone after renovation
  • for Machop after renovation
  • for Pikachu after renovation
  • for Squirtle after renovation
  • for Charmander after renovation
  • for Bulbasaur after renovation


  • Cubone/Machop
  • Bulbasaur/Chikorita/Treecko
  • Charmander/Cyndaquil/Torchic
  • Squirtle/Totodile/Mudkip
  • Skitty/Pikachu/Eevee/Meowth