Squirtle is a starter Pokemon and a potential partner Pokemon.


Squirtle can be a starter Pokemon if the Nature is Jolly (Male) or Relaxed (Female).

It can be a partner Pokemon if the starter is not Squirtle, Totodile or Mudkip.

It can be recruited in floors 8-12 of Waterfall Pond. It is Level 26 when recruited.

Base Stats

HP: 20

Atk/Def: 3/3

SpA/SpD: 2/3

Base Exp. Value: 27


When Squirtle is a normal team member:

Normal: I'll knock them out with my Water Gun!

50% HP: I'm down to half HP...

25% HP: I might not make it... I want to rest inside my shell...

Lvl Up: Yes! Leveled up!

When Squirtle is the partner Pokemon:

Normal: Let's give it our best, <name>! 

50% HP: I'm starting to feel it...

25% HP: Graah... I'm almost done... Help me, <name>...

Lvl Up: Yeah! I leveled!

Moves Learned


Dungeon Floor Level Rarity
Waterfall Pond 8 26 32.61%
9-10 26 26.79%
11 26 36.59%
12 26 30.0%