Zapdos (サンダー Thunder) is a Boss Pokémon of the Pokémon World. It is the boss of Mt. Thunder. It can be encountered on 3F of Mt. Thunder Peak. 


When Shiftry was asked to save Jumpuff’s friend from the rocks of Silent Chasm, it used its leafy fans to whip up strong winds and successfully saved it. However, the wind also torn a thundercloud into two, and Zapdos suddenly appeared in the sky. Zapdos took Shiftry away because it dared to distrub its sleep.

When Jumpuff returns, Alakazam explains to the player that Zapdos had been sleeping for a long time, and Shiftry’s wind triggered it to wake up, but the cause is the rash of natural disasters. Zapdos is enraged from having been awoken from its sleep and that’s why it takes Shiftry away.

When the player reaches the 3F of Mt. Thunder Peak and tell Zapdos to appear, Zapdos landed in front of them and battles the player’s team. Upon defeated, Zapdos fled and returns Shiftry.

Zapdos will be found on 3F of Mt. Thunder Peak, and can be battled. Until the credits roll, Zapdos can’t be recruited.

Recruitment Info

Level: 45

Type: Electric/Flying

Body Size: 4 (****)




-Drill Peck



'I warned you!
I have no mercy for meddlers!'
'You must be determined,
To utter such words.'
'Then you should answer...'
'To my great and righteous

That's enough fighting.
I've calmed down.
Take Shiftry back.
You kids...
You've impressed me.
Thing won't be so easy next time.
I'll go all out next time,
so you'd best be prepared!
Until then, you'd better hone your skills!'


  • When it appears, there are thunder and lightning as a effect.
  • It introduces itself as: 'I am Zapdos! The embodiment of lightning!'